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Letters To The Editor 12-16-20
Letters to Editor

Many Thanks For Support


Dear Editor,

I want to thank the people of Stanislaus County and San Joaquin County for their support and vote of confidence. It is an honor to represent the twelfth district in the State Assembly and we will continue to represent our area to the best of our ability. In these uncertain times our office is a resource to the community, our phone number is (209) 599-2112. We can be of assistance to anyone facing challenges or obstacles with state agencies such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, Employment Development Department, or Medi-CAL. This year our office was proud to assist more than 1,000 constituents from Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Assemblymember.

Heath Flora




Bringing Good Cheer



Dear Editor,

With our ever-changing world, we all want something ‘familiar’. The community of Oakdale has enjoyed the efforts of Officer Rick Plath and the entire OPD team with Operation: Santa Cop for the past four years. While we remain mindful of the current health issue that surrounds us, that cannot eliminate all outreach programs that are more important now than ever.

Positive police presence is an integral part of a well-rounded police department. Officer Rick Plath has demonstrated his sincere desire to make a difference with the community and police interaction. To see a uniformed police officer in a friendly setting, whether it’s a toy drop off or handing a gift card to a teen, every encounter helps to build a healthy, trusting community.

As in past years, private donations purchased 100 percent of the toys and gift cards distributed by Officer Plath and OPD officers during the month of December. To continue the tradition, Target gift cards were delivered to OPD for Operation: Santa Cop 2020. A simple, positive interaction between a police officer and a young child will leave a lasting impression. A gift card is just the ‘door opener’ for this to happen.

We look forward to Operation: Santa Cop moving forward in an updated, safe fashion. Last year, Operation: Santa Cop distributed more than $3,000 in toys and gift cards. We can do that again, this year! Thank you to the Oakdale Police Department and Officer Rick Plath for bringing Operation: Santa Cop to Town!


Mickey C. Peabody

Retired, Oakdale City Councilmember