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Letters To The Editor 10-17-18
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Supporting Bairos, Kinney


Dear Editor,

Election Day on November 6th is fast approaching. I am running for Mayor in our great city. There will also be two council seats up for election. Over the past four years I am very proud of what the city council has been able to achieve. We were able to bring our reserve revenue up to 40 percent and have fixed many of our streets with more scheduled to be done in the near future. Also, we have been able to show the citizens of Oakdale that we have used measure Y funds as we said we were going to such as for public safety, the senior center, street lighting and street sweeping. All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without the help of our great city staff. In these next four years, the city council will be making some important decisions which will affect our city for years to follow. As you fill out your ballot, I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote. I would also like to ask you to join me in casting your vote for Cherilyn Bairos and Teresa Kinney for city council. They have proven to be the best candidates and most qualified for this position. Thank you for your support.

J.R. McCarty

Oakdale City Council Member



Hospital Board Vote Looms


Dear Editor,

I have had the privilege of serving on the governing board of the Oak Valley Hospital District for nearly 20 years, my last two terms have been most satisfying to me personally.

It is during this time that I have had the privilege of serving along with my colleagues James Teter, Louise Sanders, Daniel Cummins, and Dr. Wendell Chun. Together we, along with a progressive and forward thinking CEO, John McCormick, have seen the District achieve the pinnacle of success that is unprecedented in the history of the district since its inception. We have seen the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility, and have once again become a facility having no large corporate affiliation. This has brought back local governance that truly serves the best interests of the community, placing an emphasis on quality and patient care before profit. We now have the financial stability that is unprecedented in its history in a time when many district hospitals have fallen out of existence. We have clinics to provide healthcare access to the underserved, and rehabilitation and skilled nursing achieving a 5 star rating by CMS, and a progressive Hospitalist program, providing 24 hours onsite physician care.

As Sir Winston Churchill said, ‘success is not permanent, and failure is not fatal’, we must look forward in search of proper leadership to continue our course of success.

With the retirement of Dr. Wendell Chun whose leadership and insightfulness will be missed, there is a vacancy on the Board. For this reason, Kent Kushar is joining Dan Cummins and I to seek election to the board to assist us in continued success. He is “the voice we need, the change we deserve” and one with no personal agenda or axes to grind. Although the board has made great strides in recent years, we believe that Mr. Kushar’s career as the Chief Information Officer for E&J Gallo Winery would allow him to bring a perspective that is not currently represented.

In the spirit of commitment to community and dedication to progress, I respectfully and humbly ask for your vote for Kushar, Cummins, and Chock – together our mission and vision for healthcare in this community will be realized and sustained.


Edward Chock, MD FACS

Attending Surgeon

Member, Board of Directors OVHD



Get Involved In Election


Dear Editor,

The 2018 mid-term election is important for all levels of government – national, state and local. Voters are being asked to choose the people who will make decisions that can affect their daily lives. Voters are being asked to approve or reject propositions that address current issues. Your vote is your voice to impact the results.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization. That means we do not support or oppose candidates. We believe that democracy remains strong when it has informed citizens who actively participate in government.

Daily television ads and mailers to promote candidates or issues are coming to our homes. It is often difficult to sort out the facts from the hype. LWV is one source for unbiased information to help voters make informed choices. Go to and click Voter’s Edge to learn about candidates – their priorities and who supports them – and the pros and cons of the propositions.

The last day to register to vote in the November 6 election is October 22, 2018. Watch for your sample ballot in the mail. And finally, take advantage of the opportunity and privilege to make your voice heard. Vote. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Marie Bairey, Vice President,

League of Women Voters of Stanislaus County



Seeking Your Support


Dear Editor,

To my friends and neighbors:

Thank you for the opportunity to run for the Oak Valley Hospital Board of Directors.

My esteemed running mates, Dan Cummins and Dr. Ed Chock, often discuss the privilege it has been for them to serve their community. Now, I hope your votes will allow me the same privilege.

I have had the good fortune of being an Executive for the E & J Gallo Winery for the last two decades and living in Oakdale with my family. Both experiences have been rewarding and full.

Since retiring from the Winery, I have been “giving back” to the Information Technology industry by coaching and mentoring executives that have hopes to succeed with their companies. I believe it is now time for me to better serve my community as well.

I am new to the public election process, but believe my skills and experience qualify me to run as your representative on the Board. Dan, Ed, and I have chosen to run as a “slate” – three individuals with common purpose and different points of view. We believe it gives us the unique ability to identify issues and implement innovative solutions.

We have all been asked about the future … what does it bring? I suggest that our fondness for the past should not allow it to exceed our passion for the future. We have the opportunity to address the future and build our response to it for Oak Valley Hospital.

We ask for your confidence and your vote this November.

Thank you,

Kent Kushar