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Letters To The Editor 10-10-18

In Support Of Bairos


Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of Cherilyn Bairos for Oakdale City Council. Cherilyn’s (Cher) family has been an integral part of the community for many years. From her roots in the dairy industry to her active support of community activities, Cher has been a champion of all that is Oakdale. She has a pulse for all that is going on in the community. She listens with her heart, stays with a task until the job is done. She wants to see Oakdale progress and grow into the future but retain its Cowboy – Rural charm.

If you sit and talk with Cher she recognizes Oakdale needs to grow its commerce and retail business, she sees the issues caused by the homeless population, Cher supports the police department and fire department and is determined to do what she can to make life in Oakdale safer and more prosperous.

So join me November 6th in voting for Cherilyn Bairos for Oakdale City Council.

Saundra Sward



Using My Experience


Dear Editor,

As a resident and practicing primary care physician in the Oakdale community for almost 30 years, I am excited and emboldened by the opportunity to leverage my industry experience and deep understanding of this community’s healthcare needs to serve on the Oak Valley Hospital Board.

As a non-profit, taxpayer funded community hospital, I believe there is significant opportunity for our hospital to better address the needs of this community through innovative approaches that align with the changing landscape of healthcare. To ensure the viability of Oak Valley Hospital as an accessible point of care for the community. I will challenge the status quo and seek to make sure our community has services that are within the scope of a leading edge community hospital.

As a board member, I will advocate for:

Leveraging of strategic partnerships to access capital, quality infrastructure, and efficient resources to raise the standards of care delivery for patients and promote access to leading edge specialty care resources through technology such as telemedicine.

Maintaining accountability for our taxpayers for the completion of the new hospital facility, without increasing the tax burden, and incorporating community involvement in designing a customer centered experience for our patients and their families.

Developing clinically robust and cost effective services that align with the direction of healthcare toward high quality outpatient services – medical and surgical. Planning for long term sustainability of access to quality physicians through active recruitment.

I am highly invested and committed to wanting the very best local healthcare services for our community. My objective would be to improve accountability and transparency of hospital operations and performance. I will engage the community in understanding and incorporating their input in how this hospital can best serve. I have the utmost confidence in this community to work together to revitalize our hospital and I would be honored to serve our community as a board member.

Chet Mahida, MD