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Letter To The Editor
Letters to Editor

Priceless Gifts Given


Dear Editor,

I would like to acknowledge the generous kindness of Dr. Joe Corso, a dentist in Oakdale. When the Oakdale Lions Club hosted five Lions from Siem Reap, Cambodia recently, one of the Cambodian Lions contracted a toothache on a Sunday. Monday morning, Dr. Corso extracted the tooth at a significant reduction in cost despite his packed schedule. As the Cambodian Lion was just beginning his time in the USA, his trip was very much enhanced by Dr. Corso’s gift. Susanna, Dr. Corso’s assistant, was instrumental in easing the man’s fears and at one point even offered to pay for the procedure herself!

The second gift Dr. Corso gave concerned an Oakdale student who needed dental care, but the family lacked funds to address their youngster’s problem. The Lions Club contacted Dr. Corso once again. The procedure was performed at no charge.

What gifts. I sure love Oakdale.


Lion President Craig Johnson