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Letter To The Editor 1-23-19

Keep The Program Going


Dear Editor,

In 2003 the Oak Valley Hospital, assisted by the National Arthritis Association, developed an award winning program to provide a water-therapy program for victims of severe arthritis. A physical therapy aide, Cheryl Bridges, and RN Susan Baggett from Oak Valley Hospital were given special training in observing and treating members of our community who needed such a program. The Best Western Motel graciously furnished a heated pool. In 2005 the program won The Catholic Healthcare West Values in Action Award. Sixteen years later Cheryl Bridges is still on the job at Best Western Motel, caring for and repairing those suffering from this disease and various other ills.

Today the program (now called WET-Water Exercise Together) has evolved into a haven not only for arthritis, Parkinson disease, fibromyalgia sufferers, but for those whose backs, hips, shoulders, knees (perhaps even ankles and toes) are in need of the healing warmth and relief giving buoyancy of water. The classes have 72 participating clients and a waiting list of many more. These enrollees and the hundreds of others who have come and gone are most grateful for this wonderful program. All of the participants want to thank the Oak Valley Hospital Board of Directors and say we are truly appreciative of the program. It has allowed many of us to maintain balance, mobility and flexibility; and allows us to continue as active members of our society. Indeed, we feel lucky to have services which are rarely, if ever, found in communities like ours.

Water Exercise Together Classes