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Learn From The Community
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Dear Editor,

The 2012 Election is just days away. Some of you have already voted via absentee ballot. It is my hope that you have made informed choices and recognize that we have the opportunity to begin with some fresh, new talent of enthusiastic individuals who are willing and able to work together as a TEAM and not let old wounds stand in the way of making progress toward a cohesive, productive and enthusiastic City Council.

Our council could learn and benefit by looking at what our community members have accomplished over the years. There are dozens of examples of community members coming together to address an issue, come up with a solution and act on it in a timely manner. While volunteer projects cannot be directly compared to City business, it’s the TEAMWORK approach I’m emphasizing. When a group of people, in this case, our city council of five elected officials work together and not let pride or personality get in the way, much can be accomplished.

We already have an experienced ‘Coach’ Mayor Pat Paul and I say it’s time to ‘clean the bench’ and bring on new Team Members who are willing and able to bring on fresh, enthusiastic ideas with none of the ‘this is how we did it in the past’ thinking.

I have great admiration for ALL of the candidates who are running for office. I also believe that there comes a time for a change. I think that for the Oakdale City Council that time is now. We can change three-fifths of the council with this election. I believe our politicians can learn a lot from the Oakdale community and how a variety of service clubs and groups are so successful. These individuals come together, identify a need/concern, brainstorm ideas, come up with a solution and implement the solution; shining examples of teamwork. That’s what we need with our City Council.

For the two-year term, please join me in supporting Cherilyn Bairos. She’s a smart businesswoman who will put in the time to learn about every issue facing the City Council. For the four-year seats, please join me in supporting Ramona Howard, who has proven herself as someone who loves this town and is eager and willing to give it her all to make sure our tax dollars are spent where intended and tracked properly, and please join me in supporting Don Petersen.


Karen O’Bannon