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Health Care For All
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Dear Editor,

We’re the only industrialized country without a public option. We provide some of the best care to our veterans and military, “government run healthcare.”
Our schools, fire department, police, are all government run; however when you call the police they don’t ask you if you’re insured or if you can afford to pay. That would be crazy, but that’s exactly what the Republicans want us to think.
Since when did Americans start trusting insurance companies to do the right thing? They are for profit and all of us are paying for advertisements and CEO salaries as part of the premiums we already pay for.
Again, if you already have insurance you’re not required to drop it, the government plan is “optional.” So if it provides better care at a lower premium then how is that hurting anyone?
These are the same people who don’t have a problem borrowing $2 trillion for a war in Iraq or another $2 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy that were also borrowed. What sounds crazy now?

Christopher Ortega