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From Our Readers
Letters to Editor

(Editor’s Note: As the Nov. 3 date for elections draws closer, The Leader reminds readers of our guidelines regarding political letters. It is the longstanding practice of the newspaper to not run any political letters in the issue just prior to the election. That issue is Oct. 28; therefore, the final issue for letters regarding the Nov. 3 election will be the Oct. 21 issue. Letters deadline is Friday at 5 p.m.; also, letters must be signed and include a daytime phone number for clarification of any questions.)



Retain Clark For Best Results


Dear Editor,

I write this letter to express my support for the re-election of Frank Clark as Director of District One of the Oakdale Irrigation District, I urge you to vote to retain Frank Clark as Director.

Frank’s employment record shows a very successful history in both the public and private venues. Frank’s work ethic and organizational skills are clearly demonstrated by his employment history.

Frank has been a part of a successful team as an OID director for the past 14 years. This has been a team that has worked together to establish the OID as a financially secure operation, while protecting valuable water rights. OID has been able to provide irrigation water to its members while other irrigation districts have not.

Franks’ commitment to civic responsibility is beyond compare. The list of his continuing civic involvements is far too long to include in this letter. Frank’s statement is he wants to give back to the community that so generously gave to him. He does this without personal gain.

So, join me and vote to re-elect Frank Clark as Director OID and continue the positive accomplishments within our District.

Thank you,

Bill W. Smith



Time For A Change


Dear Editor,

Let’s be clear. There are many, many people who want to be more informed and engaged when it comes to decisions made by OID, but because their meetings are held at a time when most people work, the vast majority of its constituents are excluded. In addition to the inconvenient meeting times, many of OID’s decisions are made in closed session during which time the public is excluded.

The choice before the voters is this: do we want more of the same? OID has made a tremendous amount of money selling water out of district, but was this the right thing to do in light of the fact that there are local farmers and ranchette owners who have expressed an interest in purchasing OID water at a premium price but have been denied? Is making large profits the primary responsibility of OID, or is it protecting the water used by all of its customers? More out of district water sales means more groundwater pumping – period.

A citizen for change,

Heidi Coston



Food Donations Helped Many


Dear Editor,

We want to thank the Oakdale Dollar Tree store and their customers for their recent food drive. Over the last month they collected over 1400 pounds of food for our pantry. The food bin was filled three different times.

The groceries will help feed low income families in the 95361 area. It is through contributions and donations from individuals and businesses like Dollar Tree and other local businesses, such as, Grocery Outlet, as well as the United States Postal Service, that we are able to serve our needy citizens. We believe that we are fortunate to live in such a giving community.

The Community Sharing


Board of Directors