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From Our Readers
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Sink Or Swim … Together

Dear Editor,

With the debates surrounding OID growing increasingly acrimonious in the board room, in print, and on social media, I would like to remind everyone that we are in this together. Despite our differences when it comes to the details, we are all community members and neighbors united in our care and concern for our water rights, groundwater health, and local community. Whenever I have spoken before the board during public comment periods, posted comments online offering facts or pointing out misconceptions and misleading statements, and had conversations with folks following the board meetings, I have remained civil and respectful. We owe that to one another. I respect your opinions and your right to those opinions, even if I don’t always agree with them. I recognize that we learn from listening to those whose views differ from our own. That’s why the tactics employed by Louis Brichetto and Bob Frobose are so disappointing.

Mr. Frobose, you do a disservice to your followers and the community when you block and delete posts from those like me who offer respectful alternative points of view on OID-related Facebook sites you administer, such as OID Watchdogs. Furthermore, we sit and listen respectfully when you speak before the OID board; I’m sure you can find it within you to do the same and refrain from loudly booing when someone speaks in opposition to your views.

Mr. Brichetto, having your attorney’s office hand-deliver a threatening letter to me at my home, in front of my children, for the simple act of thoughtfully speaking out is disgraceful. The tactics of a schoolyard bully have no place in a serious discussion of the future of our water supply. You both are intelligent men, and I believe you care about our water rights as strongly as I do. I invite you to join me in raising the level of discourse going forward.


Janie Gatzman