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Freedom Of The Seas
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Dear Editor,

This letter is addressed to Senator Dianne Feinstein:

I have written to you previously on this subject, but as the Senate Majority appears to reflect the One World view of the current administration, I felt it necessary to re-emphasize my objection to the United Nations Freedom of the Seas Treaty, which may be brought before the Senate for ratification.

As the Treaty will give the United Nations, among other things, the power to control the Navy of the United States of America, impose a tax on the extraction of fossil fuels from off of our own shores said tax to be distributed to Third World countries by the U.N., and regulate world-wide any real or imagined pollution of the oceans, it effectively gives the U.N. a high degree of control over our government. Senator, it is my opinion from 57 years of observation that the U.N. is the most inept and corrupt political body on the face of the earth. I do not want it to have any say in the governance of my country.

Respectfully Submitted,
Charles R. Shetron