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Evening Of Great Success
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Dear Editor,

A BIG truckload of thank-you’s to Christie Camarillo and all those who helped her put together such a great evening of good food, fun and nostalgia for the Oakdale Cowboy Museum.

Nothing can compare to the feelings brought about by watching a community come together in appreciation for what has been a part of creating that community – in this case, it was to honor the early cowboys and the livestock haulers who helped them.

The nostalgia has created this letter for the Fritz Hummer family. The memories of seeing and greeting so many of our customers and friends from the 46 years of doing cattle-hauling business in the area stirred deep emotions – so deep it hindered us from speaking our appreciation and thanks to all who deserve it; thus, the reason for this letter.

As the senior members of the Hummer Trucking family travel through our twilight years, these memories are what keep us going! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! And thank you to our son Douglas, who will see that Hummer Trucking will continue on – “business as usual.”

Fritz and Dorothy Hummer