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Electoral College Needs To Go
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Dear Editor,

No, I’m not crazy. I’m just fed up with the Electoral College. All of you who voted for Gov. Romney should be disgusted as well. In California, the popular vote was approximately 6,000,000 for Obama and 4,000,000 for Romney. But winner of the popular vote takes all of California’s 55 electoral votes and the electoral total, 269 or more, elect the President. So I and 4,000,000 Romney voters ended up casting our vote for Barack Hussein Obama.

Why couldn’t the percentage of the popular vote that went to Romney be applied to the 55 electoral votes? This would have given me and millions of California voters representation and a mathematical chance of winning the election. Remember in the Presidential election of 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote and thus the election to G.W. Bush.

The original reason for the electoral college was to give small states some representation but today it has been negated by the mere dominance of one political party or another in the heavy populated or swing states. We need to have a Constitutional Amendment for one person one vote in a Presidential Election. Several states have already apportioned the electoral votes by the ratio of the popular votes. It’s a start! What a revolting development to end up voting for the opposite candidate!

Thank you,

Brewster Burns