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Congressional Race Clear
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Dear Editor,

Why is astronaut/candidate for Congress Jose Hernandez not critical of Obama funding cuts of NASA and the armed forces?

No new space exploration projects are slated for the foreseeable future other than paying Russia to allow our astronauts to “hitch a ride.” Yet, Hernandez just spends time encouraging people to “reach for the stars” while running for Congress against Jeff Denham.

Congressman Denham is a veteran of war that served as an aircraft crew chief in the Air Force during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope. He is very critical over current and looming defense cutbacks.

If not just from the perspective that the Air Force and the Navy have each performed vital roles in NASA’s success, it seems like Hernandez would have some budgeting concerns over sequestration and military downsizing. Due to his unexpressed opinion, perhaps his slogan should be changed to “reach for the status quo.”

Hopefully, Jose Hernandez will one day come back to Earth, and find the courage to disagree with Obama’s positions when he is wrong. In the meantime, it can be said that Hernandez is an astronaut; congressman-not.


Bruce Lutes