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Clean Up Play Park
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Dear Editor,

A few years ago the community got together and built a play park (for kids) with volunteers’ times and labor. Time has gone by with lots of picnics, sliding, yelling and hollering. Now mothers are hesitant about taking the strollers and scooters with their children down there. There are several parks around with play equipment but the homeless, drunks, and druggies have found the play park the one they want to sprawl in. There are people in this town with the very classy title of homeless advocates. They spend their time making sure these undesirables are not bothered — but don’t worry about the kids being kept out of their own park. These (hard working advocates for the transients) are always on the lookout to sue someone for something they don’t approve of. It is time to copy Megan’s list with an advocate list. Publish names, addresses and phone numbers. Let the wandering souls sleep in their back yards.

Anita Meidl