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Cant Shake The Faith
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Dear Editor,

This is in regard to my being carjacked last Wednesday morning (Sept. 9).

You may have stolen my truck, the change in it and my school books. I am a volunteer for my school; you stole all the supplies I had purchased, the monies made from these supplies are for gas and food for students who need assistance at my school (Institute of Technology). Thank God for the people at Save Mart who honored the sale prices and assisted us once again.

What you didn’t steal is my faith in God! Not only do I see your face and feel your hands on my body 100 times a day, but I pray you see my fear, my cries for help 1000 times a day.

Please return my truck; it technically belongs to my roommate, who has a heart condition as well as Parkinson’s disease. She is the only living member of her family, her brother left her that truck, everyone else has died of cancer. Return the truck, put it somewhere where it can be found, make it easy on yourself.

Susan Campos