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Bad Taste, Broken Promises
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Dear Editor,

I am writing as one of many distressed peoples of Oakdale who were lead to believe what I consider false information to get us to sign a contract at Oakdale’s Golds Gym. You see, we took you all at your word, being as Oakdale is a small, honest community, we blindly were lead to believe Golds Gym.

My husband had been in a serious car accident in which he broke his neck, a little over a year at the time of signing and is now considered a quadriplegic and will always need much exercise for his health. Going as far as we could professionally, we turned to Golds Gym and their advice of a Personal Trainer, in which at the time we were told we were going in for an Orientation, but really it turned to be a sales pitch for a Personal Trainer. My husband was waiting on the opening of the permanent gym. As was told to us by staff (more than one) it would be only weeks at the most, all the while paying for membership, plus a Personal Trainer, in which my husband used once to meet with her, being very concerned of space as you could imagine. We thought it best to wait until March, as was told to us. But everyone that speaks of this whole nightmare, were told different dates, some April some May some June and so on, and there are many of us.

I wrote a letter to editor June 2, 2009 which can be accessed by googling Oakdale Leader complains GoldsGym in which there is a response on the Internet from a Zeus_Fitness_LLC that stated in part, and I quote “no express or written representation has been made on an opening date”. Are they kidding? That, Mr. Golds Gym, I feel, is another false statement just as the ones that got us all to sign a contract. Shame on you!

Also in that response are many mentions of how much $’s brought in by the most generous? (Golds Gym) can it be the trusting people of Oakdale’s $, in which is now and in months past being taken under false promises. This small town took it that we were going to be treated with respect! Yes we believed you; do you think we would have signed knowing what was in store for us?

I received a phone call on Tuesday 9-1 from a man with the question, “Is Golds Gym open? Because I seen a sign out that said open, why weren’t we contacted?” A perfect example of the way in which we have been treated.

I am not a business person but I would think you could have sent a flyer out to the people stating you were opened, just as the many you put out to “Come Join.”

Does Oakdale want a business like this in our town; do they have Oakdale’s best interest at hand? I don’t even have to wonder.

(And no, Golds Gym, I did not hack into your computer to steal anything as the Oakdale Police Dept. stated you reported).

These people want out and came to me on their own will. You and your employees have slandered me one too many times and for what? Standing for the right of the people of my home town?

If you too are left with what you feel you have to take — contact Armond at KCRA Consumer Reports, Mondays, 10-2pm at 916-325-3274, they are waiting to hear your story.


Victoria Wanty