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Backing Foard For Board
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Dear Editor,

For the first time in over 20 years the incumbent of Oakdale Irrigation District, Division 2, is not seeking re-election. Two candidates have filed to fill that position with the upcoming November 3rd elections.

One of those candidates is Patricia Foard. She is eminently qualified to sit on the Oakdale Irrigation District Board of Directors. Ms. Foard has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture Business Management and has been involved in the livestock industry both as a manager and as a beef cattle rancher for most of her life.

Ms. Foard is a 17-year resident of the Valley Home/Oakdale communities and very active in local activities. She is articulate, intelligent, open minded, and a good listener.

In preparation for running for the OID Board Ms. Foard has attended almost every OID Board meeting during the past four years. Should the voters choose her as the new Board member she will “hit the road running.” Her understanding and knowledge of OID and agriculture and local community water needs are thorough.

Please join me on November 3rd in supporting Patricia Foard for Director, Division 2, Oakdale Irrigation District.

Thank you,

Frank Clark

OID Director Division 1