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A Master Craftsman
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Dear Editor,

Oakdale is known as the cowboy capital of the world. Sometimes we forget the little things that make Oakdale, what it is. What I am thinking of is a little boot shop on F Street. It is between a hat shop and bank. To look at it, it’s not very impressive. It’s small and not very flashy. But if you step inside, you are greeted by two high heel shoes, which are actually chairs. The atmosphere is very friendly. And the aromas are wonderful. Best of all is the proprietor. He can do unbelievable things with leather.

I once brought in several pairs of shoes, one of which I had taken back out of the trash. They had been worn when I was painting and doing all kinds of yard work. I thought I would bring them in to see if anything could be done with them. There is an expression “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Well, I mean to tell you, this man can. He took my shoes, put new soles and heels on them. They were like brand-new shoes, except they were already broken in. People bring bags full of shoes to have their work done here. Harvey is the man who is the miracle worker. If you want something done and done well, come see him.

Albert Vann