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Warm Send Off To City Employee
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Dear Editor,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave Levis for his decades of service to the City of Oakdale in the capacity of Chief Building Official. (The City doubled in population during his tenure). Dave was responsible for enforcing State of California mandated building standards and Dave’s efforts in this endeavor far exceeded the minimum required to merely enforce codes and included educating the construction industry. Dave served as President of Yosemite Chapter of the International Conference of Building Officials and was instrumental in developing Chapter Policies and Procedures that are still widely practiced throughout San Joaquin Valley Communities.
Dave’s extensive knowledge of construction practices, code expertise, and the built environment, tempered by common sense and good judgment was a huge asset for the City of Oakdale. Dave’s approach to compliance was based on problem solving and participation with an ability to see both sides of issues. (The State Construction Code requires that a Building Board of Appeals be established to resolve conflicts. It is noteworthy that this Board has not met in Oakdale for over 30 years due to Mr. Levis’ credibility.) When we read about other communities that suffered from mismanagement of permit fees, mold problems, water pressure problems, stucco cracking, electrical and plumbing problems, lack of proper insulation, class action lawsuits, etc., we are thankful that for decades, Mr. Levis has been watching out for us.
Dale Himes