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Jan. 24, 1930 – Nov. 13, 2020
Harold Holman obit pic
All who know Harold knew him as a soft spoken man who led his family by his example of a hardworking man, who had many goals and plans for himself and the family he loved dearly. Harold was the seventh of 10 children of his parents Eugene and Isabel Holman of Oakdale. Harold leaves behind his wife Jackie of over 70 years of marriage, who he met just after his service in the Navy, two daughters, Lynell and Gail and deceased son Kent, as well as one sister Ruth Stillman of Walnut Creek. Harold also leaves a legacy of 14 grandchildren, 48 great grandchildren, also numerous nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by four brothers and four sisters, whom he loved dearly.
Harold’s greatest joy in life was his wife Jackie and his vast loving family. Countless amazing family time with his family at the Lake house he built with blood, sweat and tears from his lifetime of hard, diligent work. Decades of family time spent together, where he taught his brothers and sisters including all his children and grandchildren boating and slalom skiing skills.
Harold was an avid planner, thinker and inventor. He is known for his exceptional work ethic. Harold built three of the five houses his family lived in: the last was the five level home he built on the shores of Lake Tulloch, where family gathered for decades of heartfelt memories and events.
Harold was a born entrepreneur and from the time he was young he was destined to many great things with his talents. It started at 18 years of age in 1948 when he won the FFA (Future Farmers of America) award which was given to only two people in the state of California annually. He had a successful dairy business, from the success of his dairy farm he expanded into the farming business where he planted 27 acres of wine producing grapes.
Using an invention of his own design he harvested the vineyard, and hauled the massive amount of grapes to the winery. He was recognized for producing the largest crop per acre, he was later asked how he did this and his answer was “It’s all in the pruning”.
As he built homes for his family he created many additions including a massive pool where annual family gatherings took place including his siblings and their families. They would gather together for annual two day fun filled family events.
He was always looking for economical ways of doing things, thus was born a unique way of heating his swimming pool. He did this by harnessing the energy from the sun with a solar like panel he built.
He invented and built a two stage hydraulic log splitter that split large diameter logs for their wood burning stove. He was always thinking, working and wasted no time.
On the shores of Lake Tulloch where he built their five story home he designed and built a hydraulic lift from the lake up to the road at the top of their property. This idea was born from a trip they took to Alaska where many of the mountain homes had lifts/trams.
During their 70+ years together Harold and Jackie traveled the world with friends and family.
He bought rental property and diligently improved these properties and those who live there grew to love this humble man.
Although Harold Holman was a humble man, he is the epitome of The American Dream. He came from very humble beginnings and left a legacy for his family to follow. He is a true “rags to riches” example of The American Dream. He attained riches with his work ethic and provided 1000x the means he had growing up with.
We will forever hold onto and cherish our memories of you and all you accomplished.
The Oakdale (Calif.) Leader
The Riverbank (Calif.) News
Dec. 16, 2020