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Town Hall Session Covers Timely Topics
town hall
Supervisor Kristin Olsen served as moderator for a Town Hall meeting Thursday, Aug. 15 at the Bianchi Community Center in Oakdale.

This past Thursday brought together several area legislators, county and city leaders in a special Town Hall event, hosted by Stanislaus County District 1 Supervisor Kristin Olsen.

Olsen represents Oakdale on the county’s Board of Supervisors and she brought together a panel that included Tom Orvis, Oakdale Irrigation District board president; State Senator Andreas Borgeas (R-8th District); State Assembly Member Heath Flora (R-12th District); and Oakdale Mayor J.R. McCarty. Also invited but unable to attend due to prior commitments was Congressman Josh Harder.

The Aug. 15 session was staged at the Gene Bianchi Community Center. With Olsen moderating, the panel fielded pre-selected questions from the record-size audience. Olsen noted of the similar events she has hosted in her district, the turnout in Oakdale appeared to be the largest of all.

The questions started off asking the panel members to give their definition of the middle class. From there questions went on to ask about items ranging from dust control during local almond harvesting to the impact of 5G cell towers, climate change, how to address the homeless population, and ended with a question asking about minimum wage.

For those who missed attending the meeting in person, the entirety of the Town Hall is available for viewing on the City of Oakdale Facebook page at

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A large crowd gathered at the city’s Gene Bianchi Community Center on Thursday, Aug. 15 for Town Hall session with Moderator/County Supervisor Kristin Olsen, left, addressing questions to members of the panel.