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SWAT Team, K9 Unit Assist During Incident
A police officer takes up a position behind a parked vehicle along East F Street in downtown Oakdale on Friday morning, Sept. 4; as authorities were dealing with a possible armed suspect inside a motor home that came to a stop near the F Street and Yosemite Avenue intersection. Marg Jackson/The Leader

Traffic was diverted around the area and several businesses went into lockdown at mid-morning Friday, Sept. 4 as authorities tried to sort out the details of an incident along F Street.

With a report of a motor home driving recklessly, reportedly speeding and blowing stop signs from Waterford toward Oakdale, authorities were alerted about the vehicle coming into town.

Unconfirmed reports were that, once the motor home stopped near the intersection of F and Yosemite, having turned west on to East F Street, someone attempted to flee the scene. That person was reportedly taken into custody – though that also has not been officially confirmed by authorities. A juvenile was also on the scene, assisted by officers, and there were reports of a subject, possibly armed, remaining in the motor home.

It was at that point that a full scale police presence was brought to the scene, with Oakdale Police and Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department units responding. Several attempts were made to talk the suspect out of the vehicle. Crowds gathered on both sides of F Street and congregated in the parking lots of some businesses along Yosemite trying to observe the incident; authorities ultimately sent in a SWAT team and a police K9 unit, making entry. Many of the responding units cleared the scene after the SWAT team made entry into the motor home; apparently with no one left in the vehicle.

The case remains under investigation; The Leader will update the information as official details are released by the Oakdale Police Department.

The roadway was re-opened about noon.

Officers move in toward the back of a motor home at Yosemite and F streets on Friday morning with reports of a subject, possibly armed, inside the vehicle. Marg Jackson/The Leader