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Summit Slated On Homelessness
The Community Services Agency of Stanislaus County is hosting a summit on homelessness, a virtual event later this spring.

Since January, community feedback has been collected to develop a regional homeless strategic plan for Stanislaus County. Interviews, focus groups, and surveys have been conducted across a variety of sectors and locations. All the feedback gathered will be presented to the public at a Community Summit and will be used to develop shared goals and strategies to serve the entire community moving forward. The Community Summit is open to anyone in Stanislaus County and will be held virtually on Saturday, May 22 from 10 a.m. to noon. Individuals who would like to attend online meeting can register at

Stanislaus County’s Community Services Agency has sought residents’ help through participation in a short survey on homeless needs and services. The survey will be live through May 4.

Feedback gathered will be used to develop a regional homeless strategic plan. The survey will remain accessible only until May 4 and can be found at:>

Any questions or concerns about this project can be directed to