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Special Election Prep For Open Council Seat
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In action earlier this month, Oakdale City Council members voted to approve a special election to fill the seat left open by outgoing councilmember Ericka Chiara.

Chiara joined the City Council in 2018 by appointment and was newly elected to her position in 2020. The city will spend $27,000 for the Stanislaus County Clerk-Recorder’s Office to add the council race to the ballot for the June 7 election.

Another appointment wasn’t an available option to city leaders as state law prohibits having a majority of appointed members rather than elected officials.

Mayor Cherilyn Bairos was appointed in January on the heels of former mayor J.R. McCarty’s resignation and in February, Curtis Haney was appointed to Bairos’ vacant seat.

An earlier vote in the spring would’ve cost significantly higher and voter turn-out should be improved with a later election.

Interested candidates can start filing Feb. 14 for the June election and any registered voter can put their hat in the ring for the open seat.