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Soldiers bring living history lesson to Knights Ferry
327 Inspection
Soldiers fall in for an inspection prior to the start of the Saturday, March 23 battle in Knights Ferry, with two days of Civil War reenactments and encampment staged on March 23 and 24.

Battles were staged both Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24, along the Stanislaus River and on the hillsides of Knights Ferry, with the Civil War Days unfolding over the weekend.

Visitors could tour the camps set up by soldiers and their families, visit the mercantile and check out the field hospital, as well as watch the actual battle reenactments. Those battles featured the Union and Confederate troops fighting it out, with plenty of cannon booms and musket fire, exchanged in the reenactment four different times over the two days. In between the battles, the reenactors had the opportunity to share information about what life was like during the Civil War period, and many camped out in Knights Ferry for the weekend.

327 faces
Troops coming in to Knights Ferry for the weekend featured both Union and Confederate reenactors, some of them joining up at a young age.
327 cannon
The loud boom of the cannon could be heard echoing among the hills surrounding Knights Ferry over the weekend, with Civil War reenactment battles both Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24.
327 gear
Showcasing some of his gear, this Civil War reenactor has some kindling wood and some cooking utensils, setting up camp for the weekend.