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Saturday Market A Hit With Shoppers, Vendors
Marisol Alonso, left, of Yaya Bees, offers up a sample of honey to Joshua Van Lehn of Modesto at the Farmers Market hosted in the parking lot of Oakdale Tractor Supply on Saturday. Marg Jackson/The Leader
Helping a customer with a purchase, Oakdale resident Bridget Bevers, left, hosted a booth with friend Mary Washington, bringing some quilts, wall hangings and more to sell at the Farmers Market staged Saturday, Sept. 22 at the Oakdale Tractor Supply store. Marg Jackson/The Leader

Longtime Oakdale residents Mary Washington and Bridget Bevers brought some of their handiwork to showcase and sell on Saturday, while the local Yaya Bees also set up shop for the day.

The scene was the parking lot outside Tractor Supply Company on East F Street in Oakdale, with a portion of the pavement turned in to a Farmers Market, with participants offered space free of charge for the event.

“Tractor Supply just did a wonderful, wonderful job,” said Bevers, who had some blankets, quilts and more on display. “This just really helps, we can’t afford the vendor fees at most places.”

With no fee at all, the women were able to showcase their products and go home with a little profit.

Marisol Alonso of Yaya Bees said they have their bees off Warnerville and Orange Blossom and was happy to serve up samples. She is the co-owner with her husband.

Tractor Supply staffer Kellie O’Donnell said they were pleased with the turnout – with about 20 vendors participating – and may host the market event once a month. For information about how to get involved, contact the Oakdale Tractor Supply store at 845-2402.

Fruits and vegetables, woodwork, succulents, artwork, jewelry, bath bombs and more were all featured in the marketplace.