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Remote Licensing Exams Help Increase Opportunities

The California Department of Insurance has launched remote testing for license examinations, providing more flexibility and opportunities to thousands of insurance license candidates in light of existing COVID-19 social distancing requirements and local public health orders. The Department of Insurance licenses more than 420,000 licenses for agents, brokers, and other licensed insurance professionals—making it California’s second-largest profession. The remote testing launch includes 18 license qualifying examinations and four of the remote license examinations are in Spanish.

“During the pandemic, when unemployment is at a higher rate than we have seen in recent history, we must do everything we can to adapt to these times and increase access to employment,” said Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara. “Our new remote licensing exams will allow more applicants to become licensed, helping our economy and California consumers.”

To schedule an in-person or remote license examination or for additional information about PSI’s license examinations, contact PSI at or (833) 518-7456. For all other questions, contact the Department’s Curriculum Review Section by email at or by telephone at (916) 492-3064.

From the onset of the pandemic, there has been a significant decrease in the number of licensing examinations being given due largely in part to the testing interruptions, social distancing requirements, limited seating requirements, and other COVID-19 related impacts on the business sector. Sixteen other states are currently utilizing remote testing for license examinations, including New York, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

The license examination is one of several requirements a license applicant must complete in order to qualify for and be issued an insurance license. After completing prelicensing education requirements and passing the license examination, the license application is thoroughly reviewed, which includes a background review. Once it has been determined that the license applicant meets the qualifying requirements, the license is issued. An applicant required to take a license examination will now have the option to choose to take a remote online examination proctored by the Department’s license examination vendor, PSI Services LLC (PSI), through PSI’s Bridge technology.

The PSI Bridge platform provides secure and flexible remote proctoring services. The Department will continue to partner with PSI to ensure the integrity and security of the examination process as it expands into remote testing. If the license applicant’s devices and/or Internet connection do not meet PSI Bridge technology’s requirements or if the location is not suitable for remote testing, the license examinee will need to schedule an in-person license examination at either the Department’s Los Angeles test center or at one of PSI’s 20 test centers currently open and located throughout California.