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Pop-Up Opportunity For Young Artists
art pop
Rhonda Darling McDonald from OakdaleARTS is shown at the organization’s Pop-Up Art station hosted at SONS Farm Fresh, on the east end of Oakdale. With pumpkin and Halloween-themed projects, OakdaleARTS will be at SONS Farm Fresh again this Sunday afternoon, Oct. 3. They ask for a $2 donation to paint. Photo Contributed

“Popping-Up” the past two Sundays at SONS Farm Fresh on East F Street, OakdaleARTS has been at the area produce business with paints and wooden pumpkin plaques for kids to create art. Over 40 “artists” recently sat to create their own pumpkin faces for Halloween. OakdaleARTS members will be at SONS Farm Fresh again this coming Sunday, Oct. 3 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. with the activities for youngsters.

Cheryl Dillwood, Rhonda Darling McDonald and Nancy Podolsky, three longtime Oakdale residents, have come together as OakdaleARTS to increase the visibility and awareness of art in the community through education, experiences, and events. They are looking forward to curating more beautiful murals and visual art for the community. The first mural curated by OakdaleARTS was the 75’-by-25’ tall cowboy mural on the side of the hobby store on East E Street, corner of Yosemite and East E.

After many months of planning, discussion and designing, Oakdale is about to get a second mural through the organization, this one to be painted on the side wall of Downtown Fitness, corner of East F and South Third. This mural will have an interactive component, butterfly wings, for photos and selfies.

Follow OakdaleARTS on Facebook and Instagram to know when/where their next pop-up event is scheduled and to learn more about murals in Oakdale.

For more information, contact Nancy Podolsky at