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OJHS Rams Reach Out For Inclusion
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OJHS seventh grade Leadership Class members from left, Kyndra Obermeyer, Morgan Wright and Maya Baza sat among their classmates during the No One Eats Alone event hosted by the OJHS Leadership class on Sept. 28.

It’s a message of acceptance and inclusion that is perhaps more important now than ever for Oakdale Junior High School students. In a day and age of social media, smart phones and online distractions, No One Eats Alone Day exposes students to engagement versus isolation.

One day this past week, the OJHS Leadership Class, along with student advisor Erin Benbow presented the program during both lunch periods.

Now in its second year on the campus, students are encouraged to gather in a designated area during the lunch period to mingle with one another.

“Students are assigned 10 different tasks where they are to interact with new people in their grade level by following the prompts to get them to start talking,” Benbow stated. “Creating new friendships and bonds on campus. It’s a safe place for them to be themselves and come out of their comfort zone.”

“No One Eats Alone Day” is a national program, observed in all 50 states. It was created and organized by students. The program objective is to change the culture of middle school to one of acceptance and inclusion.