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Oakdale-Riverbank Fire Calls 4-10-24
fire calls

The following is a listing of some of the local calls for service involving the Modesto Fire Department, which staffs Stations 27, 28, 29 and 30 in Oakdale, Knights Ferry and Valley Home as part of Battalion 5; and the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Department, covering the Riverbank area, as part of Battalion 2.

Calls were logged during the time period of Tuesday, April 2 through Monday, April 8. Days not listed had no reports of significant incidents in this area.



Peer support training was provided today to all MST team members.

MST apparatus had their annual pump testing completed by fleet services.

Battalion 2: Stanislaus firefighters participated in peer support training at Modesto Center Plaza.

Engine 12, Engine 26, and Quint 22 trained at Station 17 on forcible entry together with their respective probationary firefighters.

Battalion 5: Crews completed weekly apparatus and equipment checks.

Crews conducted weekly fire station maintenance.

Crews rotated through the RFTC to conduct annual pump testing on our fire apparatus.

Company and Chief Officers attended training provided by the City of Modesto Human Resources staff on the NeoGov evaluation platform.

Companies trained on hoseline deployment and ground ladders.



Battalion 2: 4:09 a.m. – Units responded to the 400 block of Riverside Drive, for a working residential structure fire. E3 arrived on scene and reported an exterior fire that was starting to extend into the interior of the duplex. Crews worked on containing the fire and limiting the interior spread. Crews remained on scene to salvage and overhaul the fire. FIU was on scene to conduct an origin and cause investigation. Three adult occupants were displaced from the residence and the Red Cross aided the occupants.

Battalion 5: Crews conducted station cleaning and apparatus checks.

6:41 a.m. – Modesto Engine 27, Engine 28, and BC5 responded to an injury vehicle accident at Claribel Road and Smith Road. Engine 28 arrived on scene with a solo vehicle off the roadway just east of Smith Road. Engine 28 cancelled the remaining balance due to it being a non-injury accident.



Battalion 2: 12:23 p.m. – Engine 24 responded to a structure check at an elementary school in Waterford. A vehicle had a mechanical failure and crashed into a portable building at the school. The school was empty at the time, and there were no injuries.

Battalion 5: Crews conducted company level training, equipment and station maintenance.

Modesto Station 29 personnel attended the annual Knights Ferry Car Show and gave tours of the fire engine to the public.



Battalion 2: Engine 26 trained on ladders and victim removal.

Battalion 5: Crews completed daily apparatus and equipment checks.

Crews rotated through Battalion drills focused on triage and mass casualty incidents.

Engine 27 and 28 trained on hose deployment and water supply.

Engine 28 assisted the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce with repairing their sign and installing lettering in preparation for Rodeo weekend.



Battalion 2: Engine 26 and Quint 22 met at Station 17 for some firefighter skills practice.

Crews completed company level training.

Battalion 5: 12:10 a.m. – Engine 28, Engine 27, and Battalion 5 responded to a vehicle accident at Highway 108 and Stearns Road. Engine 28 arrived on scene to find two vehicles involved and checked for injuries. A total of three patients were found on Engine 28’s initial investigation. Engine 28 and Engine 27 assisted Oak Valley with providing patient care. The patients were transferred to local area hospitals and the scene was turned over to OPD and CHP.

Crews completed apparatus checks and station maintenance.

Engine 27’s crew assisted our fleet mechanic with putting Engine 27 back into service.

Crews conducted company level training in their respective FMA’s.



MST companies within all battalions attended annual wildland RT130 refresher training at Woodward Reservoir. Training focused on progressive hose lays, mobile attack, drafting and wildland fire safety.

Battalion 5: Crews completed daily apparatus and equipment checks.

6:30 a.m. – Engine 28 to 9th and E streets for a vehicle fire. Firefighters arrived on scene to find a well involved vehicle fire with no exposures. The fire was extinguished without incident.

11:25 a.m. – MST units to North Yosemite for a potential structure fire. While crews were returning from wildland training, a potential structure fire was dispatched. Crews arrived on scene within two minutes of dispatch to find a dryer that was on fire inside the business. The fire was confirmed out and there was no extension into the building. Firefighters remained on scene ventilating the business.

12:52 p.m. – Engine 27, Engine 28, Quint 22 and Battalion 5 to Valley Home Road and Lone Tree Road for a vehicle accident with pin in. While enroute, crews were notified that the involved vehicle was now on fire. Crews arrived on scene to find one vehicle with a trailer into a tree. A small fire in the vehicle’s battery was found and quickly extinguished. No pin in was found and two patients were treated by Firefighter/Paramedics for minor injuries and transported to a local hospital.



MST companies attended annual wildland RT130 refresher training at Woodward Reservoir north of Oakdale. Training was focused on progressive hose lays, mobile attack, drafting and safety.

Battalion 2: Battalion 2 attended the All-Chiefs meeting at the Fire Administration Building.

5:11 p.m. – Engine 26 was initially dispatched as a single company for a vehicle fire on Lindbrook Way. While responding, the call was upgraded to a working residential structure fire and additional MST units dispatched when reports came in that the house was now on fire. Engine 26 arrived on scene with two vehicles and a home on fire. Through their quick actions, the fire was contained and limited to the exterior of the home. One vehicle was destroyed and a second damaged. The FIU was on scene conducting a cause and origin investigation.

4:28 a.m. – Engine 26, Engine 27, and Water Tender 27 to Claus and Highway 108 for an unknown type of fire. Crews arrived on scene to find a homeless encampment along the river on fire. Crews were able to quickly contain the fire and spent the next hour and a half mopping up.

Battalion 5: Battalion 5 attended the All-Chiefs meeting at the Fire Administration Building.

Crews completed daily apparatus and equipment checks.

Companies spent some extra time with the great weather performing maintenance on ground ladders.

Engine 27 trained on ground ladders and salvage operations.