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Oakdale-Riverbank Fire Calls 11-22-23
Oak Riv Fire Calls

The following is a listing of some of the local calls for service involving the Modesto Fire Department, which staffs Stations 27, 28, 29 and 30 in Oakdale, Knights Ferry and Valley Home as part of Battalion 5; and the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Department, covering the Riverbank area, as part of Battalion 2.

Calls were logged during the time period of Tuesday, Nov. 14 through Monday, Nov. 20. Days not listed had no reports of significant incidents in this area.



Battalion 2: Crews rotated through Battalion Drills at the RFTC. The topic was High Rise Operations and Target Hazard Buildings.

Battalion 5: Crews rotated through Highrise Training at the RFTC.

Crews completed station maintenance and apparatus checks.



Battalion 2: Companies participated in Battalion drills (High Rise and Target Hazard Operations) at the RFTC.

Battalion 5: 12:53 a.m. – Modesto Engine 27, Water Tender 27, Engine 28, and BC5 responded mutual aid to Escalon Fire District for a residential working structure fire in the 17000 block of Steinegul Road. Crews operated in the offensive mode on a single-story house with an attached garage on fire. After the fire was knocked down all MST units were cleared from the incident.

Battalion 5 companies rotated through High Rise training at the RFTC.

Companies performed engine checks and station maintenance.

Engine 27 and BC5 trained on Battalion 5 roles and responsibilities.

Engine 29 conducted company level training focusing on hose stretches and ground ladder evolutions.



Battalion 2: Companies performed engine and station maintenance.

Companies attended an active shooter drill in Ceres.

Battalion 5: Crews completed station and apparatus maintenance.

Engine 27 and BC5 conducted Battalion Chief Training focusing on ICS and incident management.



Battalion 2: 10:07 p.m. – E26 responded to a vehicle vs. pole in the 6900 block of Prestwick in Riverbank. One delayed patient transported to the hospital.

Battalion 5: Crews completed daily apparatus and equipment checks, along with station maintenance.

Crews rotated through high rise training at the RFTC.

12:12 p.m. – Engine 28 to South Yosemite Avenue in Oakdale for a motorcycle vs. a parked car. Crews arrived on scene to find one rider on the sidewalk that was treated for minor injuries and refused transportation to a hospital. OPD is continuing to investigate.

12:46 p.m. – Engine 28 to Lon Dale Road for a medical aid. Crews arrived on scene to find the patient in cardiac arrest. Firefighters and medics started Pit Crew CPR and ALS care. After 40 minutes of care with no change, the patient was declared deceased. Sheriff’s Office personnel remained on scene to investigate.

3:09 p.m. – Engine 28 and Battalion 5 to Shalako Drive for an assist to OPD. Engine 28 arrived on scene to find OPD investigating an explosive device that detonated. The Stanislaus Sheriff Bomb Squad was requested to respond and assist. They arrived on scene, took the remains of the device as evidence, and will continue to investigate with OPD.

3:38 p.m. – Engine 29 responded to an EMS call for a reported traumatic injury. Crews arrived on scene to find the patient with a traumatic lower extremity injury. The Firefighter/Paramedic from Engine 29 was able to administer ALS care immediately to stabilize the patient and assist with pain management. The patient was then packaged and transported to a local hospital with the Firefighter/Paramedic retaining patient care.

5:08 p.m. – Engine 7, Engine 26, Quint 22, and Battalion 5 to Riverside Drive in Riverbank for a potential structure fire. Crews arrived on scene to find a light haze inside of a one story single-family home. Firefighters found melted plastic inside of the oven. The balance of the assignment was cancelled, and Engine 26 remained on scene to ventilate the home.



Battalion 2: 7:48 a.m. – Engine 24, Engine 23, Engine 28 and BC2 responded to a pin in at Ellenwood and Oakdale Waterford Highway. Engine 24 reported two patients (one minor and one immediate) and they were able to handle and cancelled the balance.

7:32 p.m. – Engine 21, Engine 3 and BC1 responded to a vegetation fire on Hillside/Tioga. E21 arrived reported 30’ of heavy brush burning with a slow rate of spread. They handled and cancelled the balance.

Battalion 5: Crews completed daily apparatus and equipment checks, along with station maintenance.

Probationary firefighter McHenry (Engine 27) passed his seven-month test.

Crews rotated through high rise training at the RFTC.

09:44 a.m. – Engine 7, Engine 28, and Battalion 5 to Terminal and Claribel for an injury accident. Crews arrived on scene to find two vehicles involved on both sides of the railroad tracks. Two patients were treated for minor injuries and transported to local hospitals.



The Technical Rescue Team trained on Confined Space Rescues.

Battalion 2: Training was conducted at the station level.

Crews completed weekly maintenance.

Battalion 5: Crews completed apparatus checks and station maintenance.

Engine 29 conducted apparatus checks and maintenance at Fire Station 30 in Valley Home.

Crews continue to complete annual company level training.



Battalion 2: Engines 18, 22, 29, and Squad 11 trained on rescue tools. The training involved airbags, cribbing, and hydraulic rescue equipment.

Battalion 5: Crews completed station and apparatus maintenance.

Crews worked on company level training within their battalion.