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Local Imagery Professional Named ‘Person Of The Year’
Maureen Minnehan Jones, Registered Nurse/Guided Imagery Practitioner was recently acknowledged as the 2017 Imagery Person of the Year by Imagery International. Nominees are submitted by their peers and the winner selected by the board.

Maureen Minnehan Jones has a passion for helping people.

Now 20 years in the business of doing so as a Registered Nurse/Guided Imagery Practitioner, her gift for helping others has been acknowledged.

Recently Minnehan Jones was recognized as the ‘Imagery Person of the Year’ by Imagery International. An honor, she shared, that she’d never fathomed receiving.

“That’s the crazy part,” she said of receiving the e-mail. “That wasn’t anywhere on my radar. It was not anything I’d ever thought of. So I was so shocked.”

While it may not have been on her radar, it was an honor she was familiar with. The imagery practitioner shared she’d formerly been a speaker at the Imagery International Conference hosted for three days in Menlo Park.

She learned via e-mail that she was chosen as the winner from a ballot list of five nominated by peers within the field. She attended the three-day conference, as well as received the award while at the event.

“They just come from all over the world and it’s really fun,” she said of those in attendance. “Everyone does the imagery a little different.”

Minnehan Jones not only does the imagery but also uses a technique she developed known as the MO (Modus Operandi) Technique for healing. A technique which helps with energetic blocks related to illness. She is also the author of a best-selling book ‘Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Can Follow.’

“I use a lot of guided imagery,” she said of her technique. “I’ve seen thousands. I do skype and phone, as well as in office visits, so I’ve seen people from all over the world. It’s very cool.”

The coolest part, however, for the imagery practitioner comes in the form of client testimonials. Each client meets with Minnehan Jones for a minimum of two hours (length of a first session). Depending on the work needed, be it emotional, illness or disease, a patient plan is developed from there.

One most recent patient was a medical doctor from out of state who had been struggling with a mystery illness, which took him from his career.

After countless tests and doctor visits were unable to help the medical professional, he made a trip out to see Minnehan Jones. A testimonial written by the doctor stated he experienced the “most profound relief, better than any other approach.”

Now with four visits behind him, he is back to work as a medical professional and has returned to life as it once was.

“I just want to let people know I’m still here,” the healer said of her local practice and continued commitment to helping others. “I’m still here doing business and whoever I can help I want to help.”

Shingles and Plantar Fasciitis are the most common ailments she is currently seeing patients come in with.

She describes the plantar as a symptom for someone who is the shock absorber for the family.

“A lot of people, even when I say that, they don’t know what that means, “she said, “but once they come here and I explain it and we go into it they can see. They’re the one who takes on all the shock.”

Awards, books and an industry recognized technique aside; it’s the clients who remain the driving force for Minnehan Jones.

“The best part is the clients, everyone is different,” she noted. “Everybody is grateful and they feel lighter when they leave and they feel something … different. It’s just fun.”

For additional information on Minnehan Jones or to schedule an appointment, call 209-845-8141 or visit