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Legislative Bills Sponsored By Alvarado-Gil Head To Governor

California State Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil has successfully passed multiple bills with bipartisan support out of the Legislature that will be sent to the Governor Gavin Newsom for his signature. Water infrastructure, wildfire response, transportation, agriculture, and jobs are the focal points of the Senator’s first legislative package that she spearheaded after being elected to represent California’s 4th Senate District.

These legislative bills add to a growing list of accomplishments the first-year Senator has obtained for her district including securing over $53.5 million in direct district funding appropriations as well successfully supporting over $100 million in program funding being awarded to support critical needs across the district.

“Delivering tangible results that have a direct impact on the most critical issues impacting our district is my top priority and I am proud that my team and I have been able to do just that,” said Alvarado-Gil. “These important victories heading to the Governor for signature are ideas put forth by local stakeholders that will support our farmers, increase access to funding for our water districts, improve wildfire safety and provide common sense worker protections.”

Four of Senator Alvarado-Gil’s legislative priorities for Senate District 4, the largest and most geographically diverse district in the state, are expected to be signed into law.

Specifically, Senator Alvarado-Gil’s legislative bills passed with bi-partisan support include:

SB 470 - Increases access to funding for water districts to bolster infrastructure to support drought resilience and wildfire response.

SB 606 - Improves highway transportation efficiency and safety in the Eastern Sierra Region.

SB 716 - Provides common sense worker protections.

SB 780 - Supports farmers and ranchers by streamlining the regulatory authority for commercial feed.