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Knights Ferry News for June 6, 2012
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Shae Serpa graduated from Oakdale High School, (sorry for the omission last week).
Those Knights Ferry Students who had perfect attendance the whole school year were: Grace Harden, Hayden Sundberg, Makena Mendonca, Destiny Machado, Matthew Wolf, Alyssa Sisco, Dayne Sturtevant, Kaeli Sweet, Jocelyn Burke, Aleesha Harden, Alondra Machado and Kennith Henthorn.
There are new books at the Read and Return Library for summer, the Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun about Jim Qwilleran and his Siamese cats Koko and Yum Yum. The cats help solve mysteries. Good reading!
At the end of school assembly at KFS, plaques were given out to those students who had a perfect 4.0 GPA (all A’s) to: Jenna Armario, Joselyn Burke, Ray Patton, Shawn Spani, Harrison Ault and Kaeli Sturtevant. Congratulations!
Knights Ferry School held Graduation last Wednesday in front of the school overlooking the town and river.
It was a perfect evening to be outdoors. Presley Wilson rang the school bell to start the program.

The Kindergarten class sang, “Going to First Grade” a very cute song, and then were presented with certificates of completion by KFS Board members Sherron McCarthy and Robert Brunker. Randy Russell, Eighth Grade teacher, gave a speech and graduates Harrison Ault, Kaeli Sturtevant and Cleo Wilson told about the class theme: “Just Keep Swimming”.

Bev Noe was the speaker for the evening. She graduated from KFS as did her sister, mom, daughter and uncle. Kennith Henthorn and Erick Ramirez presented the gift to the school, a bench with the Eighth Grade students’ names carved into it.

KFS Board members Nancy Redden and Maureen McKibban handed out eighth grade diplomas. All adjourned to enjoy refreshments in the cafeteria.
The Davis family and the Griesner family have both gotten three rattlesnakes so far this season.
There were very nice displays at the Knights Ferry Homecoming. Jean Frymire Dyer and Joan Frymire Taylor had a display of the Frymire family and Mary Sue Shearer displayed her Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls.

The great great granddaughter of William Night was in attendance with her two daughters.

The only hitch in the day was when Lee and Mary Sue Shearer and granddaughter Claire Krippner (10) got stuck in the elevator.

Dave Voortman came to their rescue and dropped the elevator down with the emergency down button in the basement. Claire did not like being stuck, said she was getting claustrophobic!
Tomorrow, June 7th is the Community Club dinner and meeting at 6:30 p.m. The speaker will be Christie Camarillo.
Your reporter has been inundated with leafhoppers. They came in when the house was open to cool down and covered the curtains and ceiling. The next morning they had to be swept up in bunches. After that the doors were closed all the time but they were at the windows. After four days they left.