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Knights Ferry News 7-26-23
Nastasia Sweet

The Knights Ferry Museum has been very busy during the month of July! Mary Sue Shearer donated six binders filled with “Knights Ferry News” articles printed in the Oakdale Leader for over 15 years ending in the year 2017 when I took over the “Knights Ferry News”.

Janet Miller, the great-great granddaughter of Lewis Voyle, spent a few days in the local campground and visited the museum. Lewis Voyle operated the Knights Ferry Livery Stable at the west end of Main Street where the River’s Edge stands for many years in the late 1800s. He also owned the Knights Ferry Hotel for 39 years. Janet and her family were very impressed with the replica of the livery business in the museum. The museum used the old wood removed from the covered bridge when it was replaced in the 1980s. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers donated the old wood to the museum as they needed; it also made good picture frames.

Finally, a young couple visited on July 2 and the museum received a donation and note shortly after. Carol Davis wanted to share some of the kind words for all to read: Dear Carol, we stopped by Knights Ferry this weekend after our trip to Yosemite. We were the Stanford grad students coming from Milwaukee and Boston! It was an absolute highlight of our trip getting a tour of Miller’s Hall from you. Thank you so much for sharing the stories from Knights Ferry history and those of your own. We will particularly remember the teacher’s rules from 1915. We doubt this penmanship would pass the scrutiny of Mrs. Laverna Meeks Perrin. We also really enjoyed seeing the old lawn mower and listening to the Victrola! We looked up and listened to some Glen Miller when we got home.

(Mrs. Perrin was a teacher/principal at the Knights Ferry School from 1946 to 1956 and was Tom Wright’s aunt!)

Thank you to Carol, Michel, Tracy, Wendy, and Susan for the help in the museum. Sharon Page is deeply missed in the museum where visitors were lucky to hear her stories and experience her passion for “old things”.

I wanted to share these stories to remind you of the unique local history and gem of historians we have in our town. Go check out the museum and get involved!


The Knights Ferry Art Studio has a new art exhibition by Ashley Brunetti from Escalon. The exhibit is titled Bad+Lemon and will be available for viewing during the month of August. Brunetti’s work is inspired by the local landscape and everyday life. She uses symbolism to explore what it means to “be human” and her work encourages viewers to have conversations about how humans process and show emotion.


School is almost back in session! Knights Ferry School’s first day is August 9. The staff will be Dr. Janet Lindren, Superintendent/Principal; Amiee Ryan, Administrative Assistant; Jenna Dickens, Paraprofessional; Laura Watson, Custodian Maintenance; and teachers: Lindsey Moore, Kindergarten; Brittney Prather, 1st grade; Kristine Madsen 2nd and 3rd grade; Bailey Askland, 4th grade; Amanda Hogan, 5th grade; Jenna Miller, 6th grade; and Randy Russell, Junior High.


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Upcoming events: Odd Fellows Stanislaus #170 on August 1 at 7pm.