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Knights Ferry News 11-21-18
Nastasia Sweet

Happy Thanksgiving! The poor air quality in town and the somber news from the devastating Camp Fire has been a strong reminder of all that we have to be grateful for in our small town. I am grateful for our small-town charm and the gorgeous Stanislaus River right in our backyard.

When Knights Ferry wasn’t flooding, fires ravaged through Knights Ferry on numerous occasions wiping out homes and businesses. In the late 1800s multiple fires took several hotels, the courthouse, and even hitting the school house twice. Once a fire started, it was very difficult to put out. The town did not have modern-day firetrucks but purchased a Hook and Ladder wagon armed with leather water buckets in 1871. Many of the buildings have been rebuilt with the exception of the old courthouse. Today, a large dirt parking lot is all that remains of the courthouse. Last year our town had a scare when a fire broke out east of the Covered Bridge. It came within yards of the Shuper house and the Covered Bridge. Thankfully, the firemen were able to use modern-day equipment rather than the old Hook and Ladder wagon to extinguish the fire!


The Jr High students hit the pavement in search for ads for the yearbook. The ads provide each student with a yearbook free of cost. The year books are hard-cover books with full color memories of every moment throughout the school year. The school has been very lucky to have Denise Harden’s talent and dedication to the yearbook each year. I have all of my yearbooks from Knights Ferry School and they are one of my favorite keepsakes!

The Jr High students also had a field trip to the State Theater in Modesto to see the movie, Landfill Harmonic and had lunch at In and Out.

The school held a character trait assembly honoring kindness, creativity, and generosity. Due to the poor air quality, the assembly was held indoors and due to the size of our growing school, they held an assembly for the 5th-8th graders and an assembly for the K-4th graders. Each teacher announced an honored student and spoke briefly about why they were chosen.


Kaeli Sweet was overjoyed to announce she filled a total of 179 boxes for Operation Christmas Child, exceeding her goal of 150 boxes. She will travel down to Fullerton soon to help process boxes to prepare them to go to the children. She is grateful for everyone’s love and support toward her goal. Thank you!


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