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Kaiser Expands Area Access To Mental Health Services

Kaiser Permanente Central Valley is partnering with four local organizations to provide additional mental health support to students in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties.

The COVID-19 pandemic was especially challenging for children who were isolated from their friends, school activities and social networks. Many are still struggling to cope with the difficulties they and their families faced. Kaiser Permanente is committed to supporting the mental and emotional health of children by developing resources and creating partnerships in our communities.

“This past year and a half has been challenging for everyone, but especially for the children in our communities,” said Dale Applewhite-Johnson, executive director of Sow a Seed Community Foundation. “We are working tirelessly to meet the growing demand to address the mental health needs of those most vulnerable, and we are thankful for the support from Kaiser Permanente in helping us to make a direct and positive impact in the lives of children.”

More than $400,000 in grants from Kaiser Permanente will help community-based organizations improve access to mental health programs, promote health equity for at-risk students, support in-person and virtual mentoring services, increase social and emotional learning skills, and more.

Stanislaus County

• Sierra Vista Child & Family Services: Dedicated to providing accessible child and family services/programs in school districts and local communities, the $90,000 grant will help to provide direct mental and behavioral health services as well as connect individuals to health plans, prevention programs, and other community resources in the North Modesto and Salida regions.

• West Modesto Collaborative: A collective of local organizations, groups and community members working together to improve health and safety through community involvement. A $75,000 grant will improve access to mental health services for underserved populations that reside in West Modesto and increase availability of family-centered, community-based mental health programs for children and at-risk youth.

San Joaquin County

• Delta Health Care: An organization focused on promoting community health and wellness and providing services that support individuals and families of San Joaquin County. A $150,000 grant will help provide mental health services, referrals, and support for adolescents and teens attending high schools within Stockton Unified School District.

• Sow a Seed: Committed to empowering youth and their families with the education, programs, and resources necessary to overcome social and emotional challenges, Sow-A-Seed has received $100,000 to improve youth access to mental health services. The grant will promote health equity for at-risk youth by integrating in-person and virtual mentoring and mental health services into school and community center settings.

“These local organizations have a shared goal of meeting the many health care needs of our diverse communities,” said Darryl Curry, Interim Vice President and Area Manager for Kaiser Permanente Central Valley. “The need for mental health services is only increasing, especially among our youth. We are proud to support the dedicated efforts of our trusted community partners as we work together to remove barriers and provide the best care for those in need.”

This year Kaiser Permanente has awarded more than $2.2 million to local organizations across the Central Valley in support of a wide range of programs and services focused on improving the health, safety and access to care in underserved communities. These community grants are a part of Kaiser Permanente’s ongoing commitment to improving the total health of the communities it serves.