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Investigation Continues After Horses Seized
LOGO sheriff

Authorities reported the seizure of more than two dozen horses from a location in Riverbank following an animal welfare investigation.

According to reports, there were several pregnant mares among the group, which was said to include 30 horses. There is also the possibility that some of the horses were stolen. Stanislaus County animal welfare officials said the horses were in poor condition; no arrests were immediately reported and the investigation is continuing.

Sweet River Equine Clinic is providing the needed veterinary care for the seized animals, said authorities. Oakdale Equine Rescue took possession of the horses and will be fostering them while the investigation is conducted.

Those wishing to donate to help out with the care and fostering can contact Sweet River or Oakdale Equine Rescue.

Contact Sweet River at 209-541-9191 and Oakdale Equine Rescue can be reached at 209-614-2338.