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International Muralist Ding Coming To Paint Downtown
Ding pix
Scheduled to start the next OakdaleARTS mural in the downtown area on March 27, international muralist Emily Ding will be painting at 213 E. F St., directly across from the Bianchi Community Center entrance. Photo Contributed

OakdaleARTS has announced that international muralist, Emily Ding, is coming to paint the next mural in Oakdale. Ding, from Houston, TX, is scheduled to begin on Monday, March 27 – rain forced an earlier date postponement – at 213 E. F St., directly across from the Bianchi Community Center entrance. The 75’ by 20’ mural will feature colorful tree swallows in flight among oak leaves and acorns. The mural will take approximately a week to paint. Weather permitting, Ding will be on site daily. The community is invited to stop by to meet the artist and watch the mural come to life.

This is the fifth mural OakdaleARTS has curated for the community. They are committed to bringing a variety of quality murals and public art for the community to enjoy. Before starting a project, there is a process that begins with identifying a potential mural site and working with the building owner. The next step involves creating and selecting a concept which includes input from the community. A qualified artist is selected to begin the design process and the chosen design is presented to the Planning Commission for final approval.

OakdaleARTS funding from the public, including individuals and businesses, as well as charitable foundations allows them to secure creative expression and inspiration; foster new works; hold community art-making pop-ups and share their love and appreciation of the arts with the public. Organization officials said the local contributions are effective and much appreciated. Simply put, they added, art works in our community because of all the local support. Donations can be made directly to OakdaleARTS and sent to PO Box 1903, Oakdale, CA 95361. OakdaleARTS is currently in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For more information, contact OakdaleARTS:

Emily Ding is a muralist who draws inspiration from flora, fauna, and human temperament. Her large-scale work is characterized by expressive animals and figures, which come to life through bold color gradients and a fluid, painterly style. Resonating deeply with the phenomena of the natural world, she aims to communicate emotions and experience through storytelling with wild creatures and people.