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Homeless Planning
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Stanislaus County wants to hear from residents on ideas and solutions to address homelessness in the region. The county has developed a community survey to gather thoughts and ideas. It’s part of the ongoing process of collecting community feedback to identify gaps and formulate priorities for a comprehensive Regional Homeless Strategic Plan. The online survey helps identify needs, concerns, and better, more equitable ways to provide housing and services to unhoused community members.

Input is important and will help develop shared goals and strategies to move forward.

“For too long we have addressed homelessness without a comprehensive plan to accommodate the varying and unique situations of our homeless neighbors,” stated Brad Hawn, Chair of the Stanislaus Homeless Alliance. “The real test will be holding ourselves accountable to the plan so we can measure our progress in reducing homelessness in our county.”

The survey comments will be part of the Strategic Plan draft and will include feedback from stakeholder interviews and focus groups that provide services to the homeless. Seeking input from individuals experiencing homelessness will be just as important.

“This plan brings vision and value to this amazing community we call home,” stated Jason Conway, Chair of the Community System of Care. “It enables and equips us to have a shared path with one single purpose to lead people out of homelessness”.

For more information about the project and how to get involved, visit the website at