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Guilty Verdict Returned Against Unlicensed Contractor

A Modesto man has been convicted in connection with a home repair conducted in Oakdale in 2020. Stanislaus County District Attorney Jeff Laugero announced Monday, April 3 that Adam Marcus Soares was found guilty of violating Business and Professions Code section 7028(a), contracting without a license. He was sentenced to serve 10 days in jail and pay restitution to the victim in the amount of $283,949.

Soares must pay the full restitution to apply for or obtain a contractor’s license. Deputy District Attorney Amy Elliott Neumann prosecuted the case for the People.

Authorities said Soares, who operates a business known as Marcus Renee Designs, represented himself as a commercial and residential designer and builder. From 2013 to date, Soares did not have a valid contractor’s license. It is a crime for a person to engage in the business of or act in the capacity of a contractor unless they have a valid license obtained after passing a proficiency examination from the Contractors’ State License Board and posting a bond.

Beginning in January 2020, and ending in May 2020, Soares acted in the capacity of a contractor without being licensed by the Contractors State License Board. He contracted to substantially remodel a residence in Oakdale and collected over $221,000 from the victim. Soares hired unlicensed workers and subcontractors to perform the work on the project. The work performed fell below industry standards, posed serious safety concerns, and was done without permits required by law.

Expert inspection of the property determined that the value Soares provided on the project was less than half of what the victim paid and repairing the property to industry standards would cost over $173,690.

Structures built by unlicensed contractors can endanger public safety. Any home or business improvement project over $500 should be done by a licensed contractor. Members of the public who believe they may be the victim of an unlicensed contractor are urged to contact our office or the California State Contractor’s Licensing Board at