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For One Unique Crew: McDonald’s Is Family
A total of eight Gutierrez family members work at the McDonald’s in Oakdale, filling a variety of roles, and their dedication to the local business over the years was recognized with a special celebration on Monday, Sept. 12. Sarah Lawson/The Leader

During the morning of Monday, Sept. 12, the McDonald’s franchise located on East F Street in Oakdale was the scene of a special celebration. It was a gathering convened to honor the four generations of Gutierrez family members that have worked there through the years, dating back to the 1990s.

The family consists of Geovany, Rodrigo, Maria, Jessica, Ana, Mavelia, Esmeralda, and Jorge; all of whom currently still work at the Oakdale McDonald’s, having the youngest member join the crew just a couple of weeks ago. The majority of family members have the last name of Gutierrez; a couple have the last name of Dimas but all are related.

The owners that took over the Oakdale location in 2006, Jay and Geeta Hazari, showered the family with gifts to celebrate their hard work and dedication.

Each family member got their own bouquet of flowers, a surprise check, a plaque, and an engraved wood picture frame that says ‘McDonald’s is family’ that has a picture of the whole family inside.

The whole restaurant inside was decorated in the well-known red and gold balloons, and tables filled with snacks and pastries alongside a McDonald’s-themed cake featuring fondant fashioned in the shape of chicken nuggets and fries.

Good Day Sacramento joined in the fun by showcasing the family live on television and even got to ask daughter Mavelia a variety of questions such as, who cooks the best fries in the bunch.

Mavelia began working at the local McDonald’s in 1999, said restaurant officials, and now her mother, father, daughters, niece and grandson all work there as well, and the family members all have their own unique roles at the restaurant, from shift manager to kitchen crew to service crew trainer.

“We couldn’t do it without any one of you and from our heart we want to say a big thank you,” Geeta Hazari expressed.

The general manager presented the main plaque to the family and thanked them for their efforts in supporting the golden arches.

Most of the time, the family members work the morning and afternoon shifts together, keeping the family dynamic and the work day flowing.

The longtime staff members agreed they are honored to have been a part of the franchise so far, giving their all to their McDonald’s family.

Not only did the owners showcase the many Gutierrez family members that have worked for them for years in the Oakdale McDonald’s, they also gave them flowers, provided a buffet of food, a cake, many plaques and a picture frame holding a picture of their family. The festivities were also featured on Good Day Sacramento. Sarah Lawson/The Leader