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Five-Year Extension Approved For Fire
Contract Service
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Oakdale City Council members unanimously approved a five-year extension to the previous agreement with Modesto City Fire for fire protection services at the Monday, Dec. 20 meeting.

What started out as a deal brokered under a time crunch in 2019, has turned out to be a resourceful blessing for the City of Oakdale that in the past, has struggled to keep all available fire stations in operation year-round.

Discussions over the last six months produced an equitable continued arrangement that regionalizes the resources to create a successful relationship benefitting all three agencies involved: Oakdale City Fire, Oakdale Fire Protection District, and Modesto City Fire.

It will cost $5.6 million starting off in Fiscal Year 2022-2023 and by Fiscal Year 2026-2027 will cost $6 million, but Oakdale City Manager Bryan Whitemyer expressed confidence in the value and breadth of service the community will receive.

Whitemyer said, “We’re getting a heck of a deal … even with any cost increases, we’ll be in pretty good shape.”


The fire stations covered under the agreement include:



Fire Station 27 – 450 S. Willowood Drive

Fire Station 28 – 325 E. G St.

Fire Station 28 Training Annex – 325 E. G St.



Fire Station 29 – 17700 Main Street, Knights Ferry

Fire Station 30 – 13200 Valley Home Road, Valley Home