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Entrepreneur Avilla Enjoys Helping Others Find Bliss
A Realtor in the 209 region, local resident Stacy Avilla is also the driving force behind the Your Blissful line of products, helping women nationwide with the discomfort of dryness. Photo Courtesy Of Shannon Montgomery Photography

It’s common knowledge that growing older brings with it its own set of challenges. For women, the challenge of peri- and post-menopausal struggles are probably the ones most talked about in social circles. A dropping metabolism, hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, facial hair. The list goes on.

Yet as the years go on, the struggle for a woman to continue to “feel like themselves” becomes more of the focus and the challenge. Feminine hygiene, more specifically dryness, is one other area which while not as readily talked about, is equally troublesome to women at this stage in their life.

Your Blissful founder and creator Stacy Avilla, who is also a Realtor in the 209 area, not only understands this struggle, she developed a product which is now helping women nationwide with the discomfort of dryness.

“I’m sensitive so I had a horrible reaction to one of the creams, that was over the counter,” Avilla shared. “It was just constant and it was probably constant for about eight years.”

Over the course of two to three years, after a constant struggle to find relief, she began seeking a solution as well as comfort. Avilla began combining natural ingredients that better served her sensitivity. As her success for her personal product began to grow, she shared with friends.

“I just started creating my own,” she said of her remedy for comfort. “Taking a little from here and then a little from there and then I thought you know it’s just natural stuff it’s not going to hurt me and if it does it’s not going to be any worse off than I am now.”

Like many women at this stage of life, speaking about feminine discomfort is not common. Yet in late 2019 as she began speaking of her potential business, interest from friends as well as family began to grow.

Ultimately the founder shared she simply wanted to sleep all night and find relief. After speaking with a few friends about it, she learned female athletes were also having issues. Avilla began giving it to people. People started sharing it was working for them and she realized her ability to help others.

So, in 2019 a product which was initially developed for her own personal comfort, resulted in a product which is now sold on Amazon as well as She offers products for women, men and dogs.

“That’s really the only reason why I started it, thinking that I could help women that struggle like I did,” she said.

Many feminine care issues are chronic yeast infections, and the same holds true for men with jock itch or dogs with skin inflammations. Avilla looked at that as an opportunity to take what she had created with Your Blissful and expand the product to help others.

“All I wanted was relief,” she said of her early days, searching Google and Pinterest for inspiration.

“I think if you’re going through anything alone, you don’t know what anyone else is going through,” she continued. “You don’t talk about it with others very often.”

With a day job as a Realtor, Avilla shared while sales through Your Blissful is not her primary business it is sustainable, with a steady stream of repeat customers.

“I have it manufactured now,” she said. “I sent it off to have a clinical trial done, so it has been dermatologist tested. The V-Blissful soothing solution will help give you instant relief. The Boric Acid takes about a week to clear up whatever is going on.”

The repeat customers and customer reviews confirmed for the founder that she came up with something good. An article in a popular women’s magazine, however, helped her see she had come up with something great.

“The greatest thing is when people write in to me and tell me how much better they feel,” Avilla said, “or thank goodness there’s something that doesn’t irritate them. That it’s actually helping them.”

She added that the repeat customers, word of mouth, social media and her website all help promote the business.

“It’s the best feeling ever,” she shared, choking back emotion. “I know what it feels like to be so miserable and to be alone in that. I figure if I can help one or two people every day, I’ve done my job.”