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EJ Industrial Controls Expands Into Sanitation Services
EJ Industrial Controls and Automation is a small local business that is growing with Operations Manager, Marco Garcia and Owner, Eduardo Jimenez adding sanitation services to their business. PHOTO BY VIRGINIA STILL

Riverbank local Eduardo Jimenez is the owner of EJ Industrial Controls and Automation, a firm that has been in business since 2016. They have been servicing the food industry with automation and other electrical services in the Riverbank area and beyond.

“We have been engineering systems for the poultry industry,” said Jimenez. “We have a lot of producers in the area. We provide services for support, technical support or any kind of automation support. We design the system for them, install them for them so they can run more efficiently. We try to focus on this area but we have customers all over.”

Operations Manager Marco Garcia explained that they offer electrical upgrades, automation engineering and newly added to their services is sanitation.

“I have been in the industry for about 15 years,” remarked Garcia. “We are currently located in Riverbank but we are trying to get an office at the (former) ammo plant on Claus Road. We are very excited for this year; our growth and demand in this field has us very busy. We are too busy sometimes. It is exciting and it is a challenge.”

Jimenez and Garcia have been working together for the past three years and would like to set up shop at the Riverbank Industrial Complex as their business is growing.

Jimenez added, “There are delays. We were told that the Army needs to sign off. It would be a perfect fit for us. We are growing a lot. We are looking to hire qualified people right now.”

They have been having a hard time finding skilled workers which has created some challenges for the small business.

They do electrical upgrades and install new panels for businesses especially when their panels have reached their maximum capacity. They build the programming and the human interface.

Garcia shared, “Old electrical is not safe. We make things newer and safer.”

With the purchase of new equipment for their sanitation services the duo is ready to take on some new clients focusing on the food industry, wine industry, schools, and the city like cleaning bus stops and sidewalks.

“It has high pressure and heat,” noted Jimenez. “It is a really nice cleaning system.”

Jimenez has been in this business since 1997 and went to electrical engineering school where he started working offshore and then in the mining industry.

“I have been in heavy industries all my life,” stated Jimenez. “I got to see how much the automation has changed over the years. I was making money for someone else and I thought I better start making money for myself. So, I decided to start my own business.”

For more information email or call 209-247-9387.