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Sierra View Wins Science Olympiad
Normal 0 0 1 48 278 oakdale leader 2 1 341 11.1287 0 0 0 Sierra View Elementary School Science Olympiad students, pictured here with their coaches and teachers Cheri Martin and Chris Frazee, and principal Terri Taylor, took home the first place trophy from the Stanislaus County 13th annual Elementary Science Olympiad held April 24 at Hickman Elementary School. - photo by COURTESY OF HOLLY LARSEN

Sierra View Elementary School brought home the championship trophy from the 13th Annual Elementary Science Olympiad held on April 24. The event took place at Hickman Elementary School and hosted approximately 300 competing elementary school children from 21 schools throughout the region.

Each Oakdale elementary school won medals at the event. Sierra View was led by coaches Cheri Martin and Chris Frazee. The team assistants were Brenda Kindred, Holly Larsen, and Jimmie Cunha. Magnolia Elementary School’s team was led by coach Gina Bijleveld, with Steve Alban and Heather Bolter serving as assistant coaches. Cloverland Elementary School sent two Science Olympiad teams led by coach Cindy Bellinger. Fair Oaks Elementary School also sent two teams, led by coaches Danny Rogers and Mary White.

“Our students had a great time on Saturday,” said Sierra View coach Cheri Martin. “They have been working very hard for the last four months. They are a great group of kids who come with great parents, who are always willing to help out.”

Sierra View assistant coach and parent Holly Larsen helped with the catapult event all day at the event and said she was amazed to see the creativity of the students to come up with the contraptions for the event.

She also confessed that her “jaw dropped” when she heard Sierra View announced as the winner of the event.

“It was a very fun day,” Larsen said. “We all hunkered down with Magnolia, Fair Oaks and Cloverland. We have the most awesome kids in Oakdale. All of our schools did so well in the competition with 20-plus schools in the county…”

Larsen also praised team coaches Martin and Frazee for taking on the challenge of preparing the students for the rigorous tasks of the competition.

“All of the students had a good time competing and enjoying the festival-like atmosphere at the Science Olympiad competition,” said Magnolia’s Gina Bijleveld.

Magnolia placed eighth at the event overall.

“Our team (had) been meeting for regular practices twice a week since January,” she said. “…Our team members (were) dedicated to spending many hours of their own time preparing for the various events of which they are involved. Additionally, parental involvement (was) an integral part of our team’s preparation for the competition.”

She added that the expectations were that the students would enjoy their respective investigative journeys and the camaraderie of being on a team.

“We feel that if students are enjoying their explorations and discoveries, in addition to gaining mutual respect and satisfaction from working together, then our goal will have been met,” Bijleveld said.

Listed below are the placings in each category for the Oakdale elementary schools’ students at the competition.

Anatomy: third place – Mikayla Wong, Amy Craig of Magnolia.

Barge Building: third – Elizabeth White, Anne Homer of Fair Oaks (purple team); fifth – Kristian Brower, Jared Kahler of Magnolia.

Bridge Building: third – Isabella Cobarruvias, Juan Arias of Cloverland (maroon); fourth – Jared Kahler, Kristian Brower of Magnolia; fifth – Jillian Melo, Haley Walker of Sierra View.

Can Race: fourth – David Myrtakis, Kristen Reid of Sierra View.

Catapult Rubber Band: third – Zachary Aprile, Kyle Carpenter of Sierra View.

Circuit Wizardry: fourth – Garrett Paulus, Mike Wright of Cloverland (gold); fifth – Isabella Cobarruvias, Juan Arias of Cloverland (maroon).

Crime Busters: fifth – Greg Pagani, Erik Jackson of Cloverland (maroon).

Leaf & Tree Finder: third – Elizabeth White, Monica Lopez of Fair Oaks (purple).

Metric Measuremania: first – Michael Winders, Madison Morgan of Sierra View; fifth – Brian Anglim, Aahil Hussain of Fair Oaks (purple).

Mystery Architecture: second – Hailee Cunha, Savannah Larsen of Sierra View.

Orienteering: third – Zarin Loosli, Emily Turner of Fair Oaks (purple); fourth – Michael Winders, David Myrtakis of Sierra View.

Rock Hound: second – Michael Winders, Zachary Aprile of Sierra View; fourth – Brian Anglim, Zarin Loosli of Fair Oaks (purple).

Starry, Starry Night: first – Brian Anglim, Tanner Corson of Fair Oaks (purple); fifth – Jasmine Yong, Jared Medeiros of Magnolia.

Straw Egg Drop: second – Ciara Fields, Kaeli Sturtevant of Fair Oaks (teal); fourth – Savannah Larsen, Hailey Brown of Sierra View; fifth – Jasmine Yong, Mikayla Wong of Magnolia.

Water Rockets: third – Hope Kindred, Vienna Juarez, Zackary Miller of Sierra View.

Write It/Do It: third – Jared Medeiros, Alex Pena of Magnolia; fourth – Elizabeth White, Anne Homer of Fair Oaks (purple).