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Dying Breed Brewing Hosts Solid Music Line-Up
The Brothers Comatose was center stage during a recent live performance at Dying Breed Brewing. Upcoming shows can be found on Photo Contributed

Live music is making a comeback in the community.

Just 14 months since first opening the doors, Dying Breed Brewing is hosting a steady line-up of musical groups on a weekly basis.

Opening during the start of the pandemic, the trio partnership of Joe Novotny, Josh Malcom and Dan Wood shared early on their vision and desire of bringing live music to Oakdale and the beer community and one year later they have done just that.

Located at 963 Shepard Court, to the south of the Oakdale city center, the three partners have booked a line-up of music throughout the summer, with plans for it to continue.

“We’ve got that big stage set-up, but it’s still intimate,” Novotny said of the outdoor venue.

Novotny shared he’s been working with promoters and management of talent often times touring and finding the Central Valley as an ideal place to stop and perform.

“These are touring bands. They’ve been on the circuit,” he continued, adding they’re now being contacted by some of the band’s promoters and management.

“They’ve played at big shows, big gigs, big festivals,” he said. “If we can get them talking about what they experience and that they had a good experience, enjoyed the fans and the evening, it’s a tight circle is what I’m finding.”

Currently patrons can be treated to live music most Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights with special guests being scheduled on Thursdays monthly.

AJ Lee and Blue Summit will be the next Thursday artists coming July 15. Tickets for that show can be purchased on Event Brite. A complete list of upcoming shows and cover fees can be found on Proceeds from shows with cover fees go 100 percent back to the bands.

“The reason we did Thursday night, is because on Saturday you come in here and 50 to 60 percent are here drinking beer and just having a good time,” Novotny shared. “Thursday night is a different set up, more of a show atmosphere than live music while drinking beer.”

Open Wednesday through Sunday and now opened to its full capacity, Novotny shared the business is running like a machine. With a staff just shy of 25, as well as delivery van and a healthy list of accounts, the pandemic open has not hindered the overall business.

“I’ve always loved craft beer, but for me it was the community part,” he explained. “It was very much the how do we do something that absolutely wows our community and bring something that our community has been longing for, for such a long time.”

For the future, the business partner shared he’s working on booking a big act for the Thursday show in August and is looking to continuing it year round.

“It feels really good. I love that none of us are settling,” he said of the business’s continued success. “We’re constantly thinking, what’s next?”

It is that mentality that has helped the relatively new business thrive.

“We did what we wanted to do. We wanted a place that anyone can walk in, everyone feels welcome and we don’t cater to a specific group. I love that. I love the diversity we see in here,” Novotny concluded, noting credit and gratitude to the community for its support of the business since day one. “We’ve been very fortunate. Oddly we were fortunate to open during a time when we had this outdoor space and the community just showed up.”