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Downtown parking takes center stage
oak city

Ongoing concerns – and multiple complaints – regarding the long enforced two-hour parking in some portions of downtown Oakdale will be up for discussion on Tuesday night, April 23.

In a public community meeting scheduled at 5:30 p.m. at the Bianchi Community Center, city officials will be seeking input, comments and suggestions regarding the parking. Not all areas of downtown are under the two-hour restriction and there are some free parking lots, but City Manager Bryan Whitemyer said there has been a recent uptick in complaints regarding the limited time.

“We want to verify what’s happening, it’s a way of getting ideas and suggestions,” Whitemyer said.

The idea behind the two-hour parking on several downtown streets in the heart of the business district is to make sure there is a turnover as patrons come in and out; not wanting people to park all day in one spot in front of a business. The two-hour parking has been in effect in portions of downtown for years.

There won’t be any formal action taken Tuesday evening, as this is an information-gathering session. However, Whitemyer said the comments received will be taken into account as the city looks for a way to address the issue.