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DMV Offers Extension For Multiple Documents

Commercial driver’s licenses, learner’s permits, endorsements and special certificates expiring between March 2020 and February 2022, are automatically extended through Feb. 28, 2022, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced recently. The previous extension was set to expire on Nov. 30.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently updated its guidance to allow the extensions.

The DMV has alerted California law enforcement of the new extensions. Eligible commercial drivers will not receive a new card or paper extension in the mail.

The extension does not include commercial driver medical certifications, which must remain valid. The DMV offers medical certification updates at as part of its expanded online services for California’s commercial drivers, including commercial driver’s license renewals. Customers can also renew their motor carrier permit online to shorten the time to receive their new permits, which are required for numerous transportation and commercial activities in the state.

Under the waiver, commercial learner’s permit holders may take the commercial driver’s license skills test without waiting 14 days after the initial issuance of the permit. That condition is in effect until Feb. 28, 2022.

The DMV offers commercial drive tests at 23 locations statewide, including 15 with Saturday appointments. The Department began offering an extra testing day at select locations this year. The DMV is also training more staff to administer the tests and redirecting examiners to the areas of greatest demand to significantly expand testing capacity and appointment availability.

Most DMV tasks do not require an office visit. The DMV encourages all customers to use its online services, expanded virtual services, and other service channels to complete transactions, including eligible driver’s license and vehicle registration renewals. Customers can also use the Service Advisor on the DMV website to complete DMV tasks.