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Credit Recovery Option For Struggling Students

Oakdale Joint Unified School District unveiled a night course option for students who failed their courses last semester and would like an opportunity to repair their grades.

OJUSD Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum/Instruction, Kristi Rapinchuk presented the course option to the school board earlier this month with the following information on the Edgenuity program.

Phone registration started Tuesday, Feb. 9 at Oakdale Junior High School and Oakdale High School with classes slated to start Feb. 22.

Rapinchuk shared that the decision is a big one for the student’s family as it will run concurrently with ongoing distance learning classes, which can create a heavy academic workload for the student.

The program will work as such:

Distance Learning: Meet virtually with an OJUSD teacher every day.

Hybrid Schedule: When students are allowed to return they would meet virtually with a teacher on Monday, meet On-Site with an OJUSD teacher two mornings with Guided Instruction each afternoon and complete Off-Site assignments two days a week supported by Guided Instruction each afternoon.

Independent Study: Edgenuity videos provide instruction, activities, quizzes and tests. Students meet with an assigned teacher once a week to review progress in Edgenuity and grades earned thus far.

Dual Enrollment: Students would continue in Distance Learning and sign up for ‘night school’ Edgenuity Courses to recover credit or otherwise retake a course.

Special Education Students: Students in Special Ed who request Independent Study will be assigned an OJUSD teacher with the appropriate credential. Independent Study for Special Education students will not be provided within Edgenuity.

In order to register, parents must call the front office at the OJHS or OHS campus, having watched the Edgenuity Overview Video prior and seated at a computer with access to their e-mail or the student’s email

The front office completes the first part of the form and the counselor or administrator assigned receives an E-mail to assign courses. The parent receives an email to review the agreements. An independent study teacher receives notification of the student assigned to them and a digital copy is dropped into the OJHS or OHS ISP file.